What we do

Löger EngineerOnomics is a Market Research as well as Human Resource Management Advisory Firm

EngineerOnomics© Market Research, part of Löger Group, produces proprietary competitive intelligence, data analysis, and industry report publications about engineering, manufacturing as well as business services and finance related industries within developed and emerging market countries. Löger Group provides permanent full-time Recruitment Sourcing & Assessment as well as Human Resource Management Advisory services to clients in the domains of engineering, technology, business services and finance within the United States and European Union labor markets. Our core strengths lie in our proprietary data collection, surveying, interviewing, assessment profiling, and publishing capabilities.

  • Market Research & Publications

    EngineerOnomics© Market Research & Publications is specialized in the development of industry-market reports in which our widely acclaimed Porter's five forces analysis is a distinctive recurring feature. We have over 8 years of industry experience with conducting market research, writing and publishing political-economic insights, and creating business development material. Our EngineerOnomics market research publications help a broad target audience including business analysts, freelance business owners, business planners, engineers, product developers, risk managers, journalists, investors, and executive level decisionmakers with their strategic planning, investment management, and decision making activities. Academia, Public officials, NGO's may use our industry reports for intelligence gathering purposes, and random professionals can simply use our insights for the purpose of learning. Check out our Market Research & Publications webpage to learn more about our practice and reports.

  • Technical & Finance Recruitment

    Löger is a third party technical & finance recruitment agency that provides sourcing & assessment services. We mainly work on contingency based direct hire, talent acquisition and executive search requisitions. We have over 5 years of experience recruiting for full-time permanent, mid-senior to executive level roles, on a no cure no pay basis. Clients are mainly prominent US SME/OEM employers operating in the semiconductor industry. In addition, we have worked with automotive, telecom, life sciences HR units, as well as with Switzerland based finance/strategy clients. Our discipline specialization is in electrical engineering. In addition, we have worked on requisitions related to fields such as mechanical-, network engineering, embedded software, product development, investment management, compliance etc. Contact us to ask for a quote or to inquire about our retainer based provision of recruitment services.

  • Management Advisory

    Organizations sometimes need external advice about the effectiveness of their Human Capital, Innovation processes etc. Löger Group has the expertise in-house to help you with devising and measuring performance indicators, mapping cause & effect relationships and delivering knowledge management interventions that bring the achievement of your financial or public goals closer. For the implementation of multidisciplinary actionable solutions, we use Data Analytics, Strategy mapping, Scorecard Design, and innovative Learning & Development methods. We have over two years of relevant hands-on thought leadership experience. Inquire with us here about what we can do for you as a Strategic Business Partner or Change Agent, to solve future oriented or human centered challenges on the intersection of contingency fit, organizational culture, and innovation management.