The Employment Services Industry of Europe | Industry Report

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Brand: EngineerOnomics
Published Date: January 2021
Pages: 57
Format: PDF

This 57 page industry report contains the latest extensive competitive intelligence analysis of the European Employment Services Industry. It features an in-depth coverage of the competitive power of different actor segments. Key players are suppliers, buyers, competitors, new entrants, and substitute product firms. Additionally, it contains an overview of economic data showing the industry market performance over the last 5 years, a statistical forecast for the coming 5 years, key annual financial ratios and key HR data as well as an overview of adopted business strategies of the main companies within the European Employment Services Industry. The report ends with a general outline of relevant macro-economic indicators and an overview of main trade Associations of the the Employment services industry of Europe.

KEYWORDS: Europe, employment services, competitive intelligence, market intelligence, industry insights, industry profitability, 5 forces analysis, buyer power, supplier power, barriers to entry, competitive rivalry, market volume, market sizing, market assessment, forecasting, foresight, predictive analytics, competitive landscape, competitive environment, threats of substitutes, United Kingdom, Germany, France, labor market, recruitment, temporary staffing, search & permanent placement, skills, talent pools, GDPR, online job boards, professional networks, Covid-19, strategic planning, business strategy, competitive strength, competitive advantage, competitive intensity, profiling, scoring, rating, threats and opportunities, strengths & weaknesses, SWOT, macroeconomics, political economy, statistics, data analytics, market entry, finance, competition, market opportunities, strategic positioning, developments, performance, business development, strategic alliances, strategic negotiations, bargaining power, sales, research quantitative research, qualitative research, interviewing, surveying, benchmarking, product development, research & development, mergers & acquisitions, pricing, data analytics, data science, segmentation, supply-demand, product development, innovation management, risk management, monitoring, equity research, investment research, portfolio management, geopolitics

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