Techruiting© Case Studies

Technical Recruitment  - Case Study I

Sourcing & Selection of an Analog Design Engineer for     Cirrus Logic Inc, Austin, US. Date: Mid 2018

Client | Cirrus Logic, Inc is a premier supplier of high-precision analog and digital signal processing components for audio and energy markets. Founded in 1984, Cirrus Logic develops complex chip designs with feature integration and innovation. Cirrus Logic has more than 1,000 patents that are key to their more than 700 products serving more than 2,500 end costumers globally, through both direct and distributor-based channel sales. The company's headquarters are in Austin, Texas, with international locations in Europe, China, and Japan. Cirrus Logic has around 1500 employees in  about 10 offices globally, and around $1,5 billion in annual revenues. The main customer of Cirrus Logic is Apple, Inc.

Requisition details | Our client Cirrus Logic's Mixed Signal Audio Division was seeking highly skilled Analog IC Design Engineers to join their team developing high performance data converter integrated circuits for professional and consumer audio markets. The hires were going to be responsible for the development of analog and mixed signal circuitry in high performance mixed signal audio processing integrated circuits. Their participation would span all aspects of the design including design specification, architectural development, transistor level design, layout supervision, chip level verification, and lab validation.

Recruitment Process | It was one of those recruitment requisitions that involved challenging recruitment conditions and a role that contained a few rare hard to find skills. The required background included having industrial experience in DC to DC buck and boost converters, delta sigma converter design, and preferably a PhD degree. Additional challenging conditions were the complex VISA immigration laws and related procedures for non-US citizens, as well as the volatility that Cirrus Logic's main customer Apple was experiencing in the stock market and eventually their purchasing power. Tools, instruments, and methods used were role analysis, boolean search,  situational competency assessment framework, and KSA interviewing.

Outcome | During a period of roughly 6 months we have intensively sourced and interviewed around 50 candidates, of which 5 were selected for a first phone interview with Cirrus Logic, and several moved on in the hiring process to be invited for a third and last on-site interview.

Technical Recruitment  - Case Study II

Sourcing & Selection of a Senior Power and Semiconductor Application Engineer for Keysight, Detroit, MI. Date: 2018-2019

Client | Keysight Technologies, Inc is the world’s leading electronic, software measurement and test company, developing and delivering solutions in automotive, energy, wireless communications, aerospace, and semiconductor markets. Keysight was the electronic test and measurement division of first Hewlett-Packard, and later Agilent. In 2014, Keysight was spun off from Agilent Technologies, taking with it the product lines focused on electronics and radio, leaving Agilent with the chemical and bio-analytical products. Keysight headquarters are in Santa Rosa, California. They have around 15000 employees worldwide, and annual revenues of $4,5 billion as of 2019.

Requisition details | Keysight Technologies was looking for an experienced Power and Semiconductor Engineer for their Electric Automotive Vehicle and Energy unit Detroit, MI office. The role required strong knowledge of- and experience in the R&D of EV and Lithium-ion battery and materials (IGBTs, FETs, Diodes, SiC devices, GaN), in addition to programming/scripting skills. Since this concerned a customer facing role, Keysight was specifically interested in candidates who could be of commercial value to their EV business from a business development perspective.

The recruitment process | The requisition covered a very cutting edge and multidisciplinary domain. Keysight did not provide VISA sponsorship for this role, making the job for our recruitment agency extra complicated. However, as we had a constructive and informative working relationship with the hiring manager in charge, we managed to complete the project successfully. Tools, instruments, and methods applied by our agency were Linkedin premium, role analysis, boolean search, pre-screening,  situational competency assessment framework, KSA interviewing, reward negotiations.

Outcome | For a period of about 8 months, we screened around 100 candidates, with 1 job offer extended by Keysight Technologies, Inc. to one of our candidates.

Finance Recruitment - Case Study III

Sourcing & Selection of a Senior Sustainability Investment Manager for Vontobel Private Banking Unit in Zurich, CH. Data: End of 2018

Client | Vontobel AG is a global financial service provider with Swiss roots, specializing in wealth management, active asset management and investment solutions. Vontobel has 2000 employees and an annual turnover of CHF 1,157 billion.

Requisition details | Vontobel was looking for a Senior Sustainability Investment Manager for their Wealth Management Unit in Zurich. This client facing role focused on developing, constructing, and communicating customized multi-asset class solutions to clients.

Recruitment Process | Vontobel's hiring process is characterized by an extremely selective assessment process based on strict criteria of professional experience, qualifications, and citizenship immigration status. They are exclusively interested in candidates who have recently, consistently, and entirely in the specialization area required, in terms of geography, type of ex-employers, sector. Almost all their positions require the candidate to be fluently proficient in the German language, preferably Swiss German, as well as be a Swiss/EU citizen. Certifications, diploma's, and related types of background credentials are shared with the client as part of the application procedure. This ensures that the candidates are thoroughly motivated but also adds and extra workload for our recruitment team, and high expectation on the side of the candidates. A shortlist of 10 matching candidates have gone through an extensive but efficient screening process consisting of Resume screening, phone call, phone call with our Senior recruitment consultant partner, and introduction to client Vontobel. Tools, instruments, and methods used were role analysis, boolean search, situational competency assessment framework, KSA interviewing, skills GAP analysis, career development & management, coaching & knowledge management, talent Mapping, candidate relationship management.

Outcome | Based on Vontobel's feedback about the presented candidates, we implemented a talent mapping intervention to close any talent gaps that were existing between on the one hand our talent pool offering and on the other hand Vontobel's Sustainability products and performance objectives. The initiative consisted of Löger briefing the candidates to share insight about Vontobel's organizational culture and to shape their career along lines that would increase their likelihood of being hired in the future by Vontobel or similar types of employers.

Recruitment Candidates

Recruitment Candidates


Wireless RF / Antenna

System Engineering

Firmware Engineering

FPGA/ASIC design

Project Management

Mobile Networks

Digital Signal Processing

Software Development

Embedded Software

Analog Design 

Data Algorithms

Control Engineering

Power Electronics

Test & Verification

Medical Devices

Product/Business Development

Micro Electronics

Process & Manufacturing

IC Packaging/Fabrication

Analytical Chemistry

Thermal Engineering

Mechanical Materials

Marketing Strategy

Microbiology Science

Optical Engineering

Plant Manager

Procurement Manager

Human Capital
Supply Chain
Risk Governance
Client Management
Change Management
Cyber Security
Mergers & Acquisitions
Compliance Audit
Investment Management
Transfer Pricing
Portfolio Advisory
Wealth Management
Private Banking
Corporate Finance
Quantitative Analyst
Financial Restructuring
Business Development
Tax Advisory

Löger considers recruitment as something more than just talent acquisition. We approach our recruitment service as an extension of our client's talent management and competency management practices. We strive to fully acquainted with the organizational culture of our clients, their business objectives, and core competencies.

Our recruitment process starts with a skills gap analysis followed by an active comprehension of the requisition job design, which we translate into a person-job-fit selection of highly motivated professionals who possess the right observable behavioral characteristics. When assessing the person-job-fit we apply a broad system thinking perspective in which we take into consideration contextual constraints that play out on the level of the individual, organization and institutions. The quality of our talent and leadership pool has direct bearing on the achievement of our client's performance targets or transformational goals, and finally on their Return on Investment.

Built on a five year experience operating in a high-stakes recruitment environment, Löger relies on an internal expertise in innovative sourcing, profiling assessment, and learning & development resources. We help in translating your talent management objectives into obtaining organizational alignment, competitive strength, and business objectives.

Recruitment Clients

Recruitment Clients

Technical Recruitment Client industries and applications

Semiconductor, and Wireless Telecommunications Network (RF)(AS)IC/FPGA/PCB/embedded Software design and fabrication

Automotive Electric Vehicle (power) systems design and testing

Medical Technology and Healthcare Equipment product & business development

Electronic and Software consumer products, for audio, video, and e-commerce web applications 

Finance Recruitment Roles

Roles within Investment/Asset Management, Wealth Management-Private Banking, Hedge Funds with a focus on compliance services, sustainability products, and quantitative analytics-IT strategies

Roles with IT Advisory, tax and (life) insurance clients with a focus on Business process modeling, Business Transformation-Change Management, Risk Management, Governance frameworks, Life Sciences Advisory, Supply Chain ERP-CRM, e-commerce consumer.

Geographical scope

For Technical Recruitment in the fields of Engineering, Embedded Software, Research & Development, and Science predominantly United States across the the country.

For Financial Recruitment in the fields of Business Services, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Fintech Software Development, predominantly Switzerland and European Union Countries.

Financial rewards & benefits

Base salary (gross) in the range of $80K - $225K for US positions, and €75K - €175K for EU based positions.

Lucrative performance based bonus programs with standard and universal 15% to 20% y-o-y bonus, with multiplier.

401k plan, PTO, health coverage, relocation cost reimbursements etc.

Remote working as part of temporary COVID-19 measures.

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