Löger Human Resource & Innovation Management Advisory

This is not an easy task as important drivers of Human Capital excellence represent intangibles assets such as intellectual capital, and non-codifiable tacit skills, that are difficult to measure and quantify. That is why in order to determine seemingly invisible causal relationships across time and across functional boundaries, Löger HRM consulting applies a system thinking approach to three of their core HRM solutions, consisting of Organizational modeling, HR Analytics, and Knowledge Management. According to us, Knowledge Management - as an important element inside the general framework of Learning & Development - is closely tied to innovation success and therefore provides the greatest scope for generating inimitable, uniquely differentiated customer value propositions. Some of the specific techniques and programs that we can develop are effective learning cycles, self-directed learning, employee mobility, know-how recycling, blending cross functional knowledge at the fringes of sectoral boundaries etc.

HR Innovation & Knowledge Management

  • Personal Learning & Development plans
  • Organizational learning
  • Knowledge codification & transfer

HR Organizational Design & Business Modeling

  • SWOT analysis/Benchmarking
  • Strategy Mapping & Scorecards
  • Job (re)design & expansion
  • Institutional alignment

HR KPI Measurement & HR Predictive Analytics

  • Data Collection
  • SPSS/Excel Statistics
  • Business Metrics for decisionmaking

Problem Solving Methodologies Löger HRM Consulting

Our HRM solutions make sure that your unit's problems are translated into measurable metrics, initiatives (eg strategically focused employees, knowledge use effectiveness, system alignment), and predictive decision making capabilities that enhances the human capital readiness of your HR departments. We are a group that has two years of experience in HRM thought leadership and can become a valuable part of your strategy implementation process. Our HRM consulting practice relies on cross-disciplinary but complementary capabilities. An illustration of how we create optimal synergy is how our (re)search & assessment capabilities represents the backbone of both our market research practice as well as our recruitment sourcing and selection practice.