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Cleanrooms and cleanliness equipment


In semiconductor to life sciences industries, cleanrooms are the central environments for manufacturing and production processes where compliance with the highest quality regulations take center stage.

Löger Group & co have 25 years of experience in the design, implementation, and the project management of clean production areas, cleaning processes, and cleaning machinery.

In the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, optical, food and aerospace industries we have conducted numerous cleanliness projects in conformity with ISO and EHS. See our case studies for more info

Improve process reliability and reduce manufacturing costs

Development and Qualification of Cleanliness Machinery


Designing and implementing clean production areas, cleaning processes and machinery is our core strength. We plan and install according to individual customer specifications in practically all cleanliness classes.

Due to our long-standing credentials, we have gained a reputation as a reliable partner to industry. Our customers include notable manufacturers in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, optical, food and aerospace industries. See our case studies for more info.  

Green Energy Solutions
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In the field of sustainable power we have provided world-class consulting, applying our multidisciplinary expertise in aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, machine dynamics, control engineering, fatigue strength, materials science, and mechanics of materials. By meeting extremely high industry-wide standards, we ensure the sustainability and reliability of your sub-systems, components and parts.

Due to our strong technical and industrial foundations, our core strengths are designing prototypes, testing, and the problem-solving of complex practical challenges. In the field of alternative energy applications, regardless of the novelty of the engineering matter at hand, we will find a solution for your engineering needs. We are well positioned to make large impacts in your transition to Green Energy.

Case Studies

Case Studies
Case 1 - Cryotank for Liquid Hydrogen

Application: Developed for leading German automaker BMW

Deliverable: Planning, design, implementation and validation of this new custom made invention

Case 2 – Decontamination equipment (Automotive Multipurpose Aqueous Non-etching Decontamination Apparatus)

Application: Cleaning of main components of the hydrogen cryotank, eg container, base, pipes, valve block.

Deliverable: Custom designed meeting required cleanliness standards.

Case 3 – Repurification Equipment (Equipped Line Versatile Industrial Repurification Apparatus)

Application: Cleaning the Ariane 5 upper stage fuel lines

Deliverable: Design and implementation of an extremely complicated  cleaning process and inspection. Meeting high EHS standards of cleanliness in the Space industry.

Case Studies

Cleanliness Concepts to Execution

ISO 14624-3Space systems — Safety and compatibility of materials — Part 3: Determination of offgassed products from materials and assembled articles

ISO 14644-1Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Part 1: Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration

ISO 14698-1Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Biocontamination control — Part 1: General principles and methods

ISO 14698-2, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Biocontamination control — Part 2: Evaluation and interpretation of biocontamination data

ISO 14952 (all parts), Space systems — Surface cleanliness of fluid systems

ISO Compliant

Case 4-Cleaning of extremely difficult special components and critical parts

Application: Implemented the cleaning of fuel system for oxygen and and liquid hydrogen
Deliverable: Last step in the production of many high-tech components is cleaning.


Case 5-Cleaning of special items

Application: pipeline fuel system
Deliverable: For customers with critical cleanliness requirements and particular demandswe provide consulting and car ry out he cleaning ourselves

R&D Consulting Cases

Case 6-Development of small - as well as medium sized WECS (New wind energy converter)

Application: Wind Energy Converter
Deliverable: The process of getting approval and providing the required technical documentation to authorities requires planning and highly complex multidisciplinary expertise, eg in reliability, load cycles etc. Through our in-depth understanding we have managed to obtain permission for the development of the WEC for the Wind Turbine shown above

Case 7 - Project Consulting

Application: biodiesel plant
Deliverable: Examining the flow and heat transfer in the production of biodiesel

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