R&D Innovation and Execution - Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies
Case 1 - Cryotank for Liquid Hydrogen

Application: Developed for leading German automaker BMW

Deliverable: Planning, design, implementation and validation of this new custom made invention

Case 2 – Decontamination equipment (Automotive Multipurpose Aqueous Non-etching Decontamination Apparatus)

Application: Cleaning of main components of the hydrogen cryotank, eg container, base, pipes, valve block.

Deliverable: Custom designed meeting required cleanliness standards.

Case 3 – Repurification Equipment (Equipped Line Versatile Industrial Repurification Apparatus)

Application: Cleaning the Ariane 5 upper stage fuel lines

Deliverable: Design and implementation of an extremely complicated  cleaning process and inspection. Meeting high EHS standards of cleanliness in the Space industry.

Case Studies

Cleanliness Concepts to Execution

ISO 14624-3Space systems — Safety and compatibility of materials — Part 3: Determination of offgassed products from materials and assembled articles

ISO 14644-1Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Part 1: Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration

ISO 14698-1Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Biocontamination control — Part 1: General principles and methods

ISO 14698-2, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Biocontamination control — Part 2: Evaluation and interpretation of biocontamination data

ISO 14952 (all parts), Space systems — Surface cleanliness of fluid systems

ISO Compliant

Case 4-Cleaning of extremely difficult special components and critical parts

Application: Implemented the cleaning of fuel system for oxygen and and liquid hydrogen
Deliverable: Last step in the production of many high-tech components is cleaning.


Case 5 - Cleaning of special items

Application: pipeline fuel system
Deliverable: For customers with critical cleanliness requirements and particular demandswe provide consulting and car ry out he cleaning ourselves

R&D Consulting Cases

Case 6 - Development of small - as well as medium sized WECS (New wind energy converter)

Application: Wind Energy Converter
Deliverable: The process of getting approval and providing the required technical documentation to authorities requires planning and highly complex multidisciplinary expertise, eg in reliability, load cycles etc. Through our in-depth understanding we have managed to obtain permission for the development of the WEC for the Wind Turbine shown above

Case 7 - Project Consulting

Application: biodiesel plant
Deliverable: Examining the flow and heat transfer in the production of biodiesel

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