Our Partners

We collaborate with a network of global partners for the development of our products and services dedicated to our market research, recruitment, and management advisory activities. We delegate minor tasks to our partners in case of in-house product development. In case of co-development we outsource a larger proportion of the project. At all times we are in charge or actively involved throughout the lifecycle of projects, especially at the conceptual development phase.

We are genuine social entrepreneurs.

We are Löger Group.

Join our emerging global network.

Become a third party sales channel partner for EngineerOnomics© market research publications

International partner network Löger Group

Our global local network of partners are experts in economics finance, business administration, statistics etc, enhancing our capabilities to verify our data and to customize our reports according to the geography and subject matter covered.

Benefits partner program

Lucrative Sales Royalties

Our EngineerOnomics license partners receive a competitive 85% share (excl. VAT) of each report or other publication ordered through our online store. The partnership will be agreed upon in writing through a partnership license agreement.

Extensive partner resources

We provide far-reaching and wide ranging support to our channel partners in the form of training & development, provision of sales material, technological infrastructure, availability of market data, and in legal matters, all free of charge.

Diverse product portfolio

Whether it is in the breadth of industries and markets that we cover in our research & analysis, or in the diversity of the publications that we develop, our partners will have sufficient choice between sales opportunities.

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