Löger Recruitment Clients

  • Major industries and fields of applications

    • (Aero)space
    • Renewable Energy
    • Automotive

    Relevant industries and fields of application

    • Maritime
    • Petrochemicals
    • Biochemistry / biotechnology
    • Medical industry
    • ICT & computational
    • Related industries and fields of applications

    Major regions

    • Developed Countries
    • Emerging Countries
  • Dr. Gerhard Lindner
    Owner and CEO of Engineering Company Fluentum GmbH,
    Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum in Graz
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  • Electronic Survey | Invitation

    Our partner Realtime Insight Exchange has developed an electronic survey environment with which we have done market research for devising our business plan. The survey contains two different questionaires, a client side and a branch side. Our business plan has been completed, but we will always be on the lookout for the perspectives of lead organizations on the client side, like multinationals in engineering intensive industries or scientific research organizations. We invite you to participate in our ongoing market research by clicking on the link below and filling in our electronic client side questionnaire. Please select the survey called “survey for seekers of engineering services”. Completing it takes around 10 minutes, participating anonymously is possible, and privacy of data is guaranteed by our privacy declaration. Thank you in advance.

    Technical Recruitment Client industries and applications

  • Semiconductor, and Wireless Telecommunications Network (RF)(AS)IC/FPGA/PCB/embedded Software design and fabrication

  • Automotive Electric Vehicle (power) systems design and testing

  • Medical Technology and Healthcare Equipment product & business development

  • Electronic and Software consumer products, for audio, video, and e-commerce web applications

    Finance Recruitment Roles

  • Roles within Investment/Asset Management, Wealth Management-Private Banking, Hedge Funds with a focus on compliance services, sustainability products, and quantitative analytics-IT strategies

  • Roles with IT Advisory, tax and (life) insurance clients with a focus on Business process modeling, Business Transformation-Change Management, Risk Management, Governance frameworks, Life Sciences Advisory, Supply Chain ERP-CRM, e-commerce consumer.

    Geographical scope

  • For Technical Recruitment in the fields of Engineering, Embedded Software, Research & Development, and Science predominantly United States across the the country.

  • For Financial Recruitment in the fields of Business Services, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Fintech Software Development, predominantly Switzerland and European Union Countries.

    Financial rewards & benefits

  • Base salary (gross) in the range of $80K - $225K for US positions, and €75K - €175K for EU based positions.

  • Lucrative performance based bonus programs with standard and universal 15% to 20% y-o-y bonus, with multiplier.

  • 401k plan, PTO, health coverage, relocation cost reimbursements etc.

  • Remote working as part of temporary COVID-19 measures.

If you are a Small or Medium Sized Employer in an emerging market country outside of the US or EU, please feel free to ask a quote or contact us for retainer inquiries.