Mission & Vision

Löger Engineeronomics Mission

Our mission is to help small scale organizations with converting market insights into applied knowledge that eventually leads them towards achieving economic viability, financial security, and long term stability. Helping transform the potential of job-seekers into self-actualization is another important driver of ours. In the face of volatility, uncertainty, and consolidation, we provide powerful and affordable resources that enhance organizational competitiveness or career happiness.

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Driven by genuine Social Entrepreneurship 

Löger Engineeronomics Vision

Our vision is to become a resourceful hub that is the preferred go-to-place for less resource full organizations in their quest for knowledge based insights and foresights. We strive to make the societal values of truth and justice compatible with economic values of empowerment and well-being.

Adopting a Macro View

Data and Innovation

Reducing industry 
coordination costs, transactional failures, and zero-sum outcomes

Increasing industry health, global trade, and financial security

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