Knowledge Management & Database Management

Because our company operates within an information rich product and service oriented sector, we codify our  information as much as possible to transform collected data into  knowledge advantages and operational efficiencies for our firm internally as well as for our customers externally.  Externally we enable SMB and EMB customers to become more intelligent through the provision of our research publications, and internally we  continuously reinforce our offering through the creation of strategic interrelationsips among our different practices. We apply project management principles to continuously improve team or partner collaboration effectiveness. We make sure to safeguard and protect data in a secure way that complies with quality standards and regulations.

For our Market Research practice internally, we categorize and standardize data to continuously achieve improvements in terms of speed, costs, and innovation.  As part of our marketing outreach externally, we can translate our report findings to the specific context of our customers in terms of sectors, branch or segment. This customization approach suits the unique needs of our customers. The 'Outside-in' focus of our market research practice allows us to create a variety of business information and competitive intelligence that our customers apply for strategic planning, product development, business development, strategic alliances and investment management purposes. 

For our Recruitment practice  we use CRM programs to manage client & candidate resources. For managing recruitment projects, we use distinctively innovative and distributed networks to acquire practical know-how, and to generate behavioral competence frameworks within the framework of our talent acquisition services. We apply project management principles to continuously improve team and partner collaboration effectiveness.

For our Human Resource- and Innovation Management Advisory practice  we have excellent capabilities and resources to develop more 'Inside-out' strategic management resources that we then share without stakeholders through various communication methods and marketing channels. Our specialization is to develop multifaceted HR intelligence and employment market material such as strategic forecast surveys and best practices benchmark studies about a variety of industries and labor markets. We are also able to be a strategic HR business partner with regards to the domains of strategic human resource management, organizational design, innovation management, and HR analytics. Would you like to exchange ideas about the creation of HR intervention (eg Learning & Development programs) to enhance your performance management metrics? Please get in touch.

TechRuiting Knowledge Managment Intervention Model 

Chain of causal links HR & Strategy Implementation Process 
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