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Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Directory Plattform
We were approached by the CEO of this prominent platform to explore the possibilities of collaboration on market intelligence and the integration of our platforms to expand our mutual offerings to customers. As a baseline project proposal, the CEO wanted a relatively low-key and low-cost easy to be implemented solution that wouldn't overhaud the entire platform architecture.
We declined a possible integration of our "platforms"on the grounds that our technology is an in-house portal rather than a subscription based platform. Instead, we first identified two main drivers that were causing a steep decline in subscription base size and hence revenue. One cause was an unfavorable life-cycle momentum that their industry was involved in, and the second contributing factor was that the exclusively navigation-only based functionalities provided by their directory had become an insufficient offering. Secondly, we positioned our content capabilities against theirs to determine areas of synergy. Enabled by our in-house data collection and competitive intelligence capabilities we were able to propose the enrichment of their platform with some layers of predictive analysis and directly actionable business intelligence that would better enable their subscribers to forecast future events, adapt their commercialization strategies accordingly, and which would represent a natural extension of their core navigation based digital value add. To determine the extent of potential interest from his subscriber base towards our solutions the CEO suggested to mutually market the proposed platform features. Instead, we were able to recommend a better way forward, which was to simply survey their user base asking them to rate the newly proposed features.

The forecasting solution provides their customers with an improved and sequenced roadmap for strategic action which in the platform would be quantified and presented to their customers in the form of profiles & scoring assessments. This assessment would be based on the following determining drivers of competitive firm behaviour:
  • Strategic positioning mapping
  • Technological scoping
  • Deals analysis
  • Industry structure analysis
  • Retail Channel segmentation
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Leadership HR analysis
  • Innovation strategy forecasting
  • Partnership forecast
  • Product commercialization forecast
Renewable Energy Investment Research Community
As a result of our promotional activities for our Financial Services Strategic Forecast & Benchmark Survey publication, this party sought help with expanding their asset management community subscription base and to achieve scalability in the competitive space of renewable energy research coverage. 
As a first step we positioned our research practice against their research practice alongside a scale of different reporting styles that each of us were employing. That way we could identify to what extent our reporting approaches overlapped and the areas where opportunities resided for bolstering their own offering individually or through a joint undertaking. Next, we adviced the client about expansion strategies in terms of their product portfolio and market reach, all of which were based on customized primary research into customer needs which in turn would augment their investment recommendations and widen their appeal within the renewable energy investment community. This was followed by a request from the client for the delivery of sampling studies on firms operating within the emerging markets renewable energy landscape, which we effortlessly produced through a series of SWOT- as well as Key Competitors Analyses incl India and substitute (fossil fuel) product firms,  benchmarked against some segments of the US market. Finally we packaged all the business information and offered them the commercial data, capabilities, infrastructure, and know-how to enable them to start implementing the planned  growth strategy.
Digital National Renewable Energy Platform - Joint project between a United Nations entity organization and the Ministry of Energy of an African country
The UN entity organization was seeking the services of a Consulting firm to conduct a market- and technical scoping for the establishment of a roadmap for the development, commissioning, and implementation of a Digital National Renewable Energy Platform, which would include: opportunity assessments, stakeholder mapping, subscription base market analysis, policy analysis, data- and infrastructural GAP analysis, partnership building, and implementation project management.
We designed a research-, assessment, and implementation framework consisting of the following elements:

  • Quantitative Research based on a sample of 1000 face-to-face interviews with agricultural households consisting of 45 - 60 minutes questionnaires
  • Qualitative Research based on Feasibility Study, In-Depth Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) with energy industrial players as well as desk research.
  • Strategic Management Assessments oriented towards the identification of key enablers and drivers for the creation of internal synergies, the development of a differentiated customer value proposition, and the succesful implementation of the DNREP. Applied methods were an external System Alignment Map (GALILEO), scenario analysis, forecasting, enagagement- and performance GAP analyses.
  • Industry structure- and supply chain analysis based on a five forces profiling, demand-supply analysis, and value chain analysis.
  • Policy Analysis where we mapped the established venues for collective actions in order to generate recommendations about the options for (digital) institutional innovation and forging strategic alliances.
  • Detailed implementation according to timelines, milestones, responsibilities etc.
Big 4 Consulting Firm - Innovation Unit
Client's Innovation Unit helps other Deloitte units internally and clients externaly in the development of (digital) innovation strategies, build innovation capabilties, launch new products, stimulate digital innovation ecosystems, generate additional innovative income streams. 
Qualitative and secondary research of Innovation Management best practices, translation to web-enabled mass collaboration processes, forecasting of consultancy industry evolution scenarios
  • Adviced on the entreprise wide strategic integration and adoption of the platform
  • Digital platform workflow process content creation and design
  • Continuous testing of the innovation portal, addressing and reporting on technical malfunctions
  • Management of go-to-market trajectory of the platform
  • Research, organizational roll-out, and dissemination of innovation management agenda
  • Design of associated business model for an internal talent acquisition and green tech consulting proposition
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