Data Collection, Assessment & Profiling Portal

As an end-to-end market research provider, our in-house Data Collection Portal enables us to conduct and scale up Surveys, Interviews, Research Panels, Polls and churn out Data Assessment Visualizations. Our in-house portal contains functionalities to develop and send out questionnaires to our extensive database of research subject contacts, has software integration with Excel and compatibility with IBM statistical software program SPSS to make advanced calculations and estimations and to visualize the results in dashboards for presentation and reporting purposes. It also facilitates the involvement and engagement of our extensive partner network with our research projects if needed. 

The different  channels  through which we reach out to the participants of our quantitative and qualitative research programs are threefold. Primarily we digitally generate secondary data which is processed partly in an automated way but largely manually. Secondly, we generate our quantity oriented data through digital and telephone oriented research settings. Thirdly we use distinctive quality oriented research settings that is characterized by ethnographic in-depth in-person interactions with our competitive market research- as well as with our customer research participants. The consistency and coherence ingrained in all our research channels combined with a relatively higher than average orientation towards quality research, is what differentiates our methodological approach from various other market research companies.

Optimal Synergy across the board

Our data collection & assessment portal creates an optimal mutually reinforcing synergy between our market research and recruitment capabilities. As part of our client acquisition as well as our recruitment assessment and selection activities, we have interviewed and surveyed thousands of subjects, collecting a vast amount of commercial data about various industries and practices globally in the course of six and a half years. We are also applying our capabilities in the sourcing of research respondents and subjects that we have developed during our recruitment enterprise.  This delivers us a comparative advantage in offering our products and services in a manner that is reliable, effective, and efficient.

Data Assessment, Scoring & Profiling

While our Data Assessment, Scoring & Profiling capabilities have traditionally been applied to our Löger recruitment activities in terms of client acquisition, and development of candidate assessment & profiling reports, we now apply the same underlying technology to our EngineerOnomics market research & publication activities in terms of sourcing & acquiring research participants, analyzing & assessing global industry data, and producing industry profiles. This enables us to rapidly scale up the scope and marketing of our report publications, based on the extent of customer demand.
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