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Erkan Ilyas Özşen
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Vrijheidslaan 72 – IV; 1078 PP Amsterdam
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 Erkan Ilyas Özşen
Our company office in Amsterdam-Zuid is located at the nexus of Schiphol Airport, several major international business and congress districts, and, prominent Dutch government/educational institutes dubbed the Knowledge Mile. Our office is located within:

Thirty minutes of Schiphol Airport, 15 minutes of station Zuid WTC, and 3 minutes of Amstel station with public transportation.
Five minutes walking distance to the international de Omval business district along the Amstel river where the highest skyscraper of Amsterdam de Rembrandtoren on the Amstelplein 1, het Amstelgebouw on the Prins Bernhardplein as well as office complex Rivierstaete (Amsteldok) along the Amstel river are located. De Rembrandtoren houses finance companies, het Amstelgebouw houses industrial companies, and de Amsteldok houses market research & advertising agencies.

Rivierstaete office complex of market research agencies

Our office is located in a major business cluster 

Ten minutes walking distance to RAI congress center, the University of Amsterdam, and the Dutch Central Bank
Fifteen minutes walking distance to the Netherland's largest financial district de Zuid-As
Fifteen minutes reach with public transportation or bicycle to the old town City Center
Omval  Business District
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