EngineerOnomics Business Information & B2B Commercial Data

Bringing actionable B2B Big Data for Technology Monetization. 
Strategic business information for Market Forecasting, and more. Actionable commercial data through executive insider access, surveys and interviews. For B2B sales, procurement and investment professionals.

For nearly a decade EngineerOnomics has been building up highly segmented data banks stocked with quantitative and qualitative demand-side information that are indispensable assets for business professionals in marketing, product development, and investment brokerage. We are boutique data bankers and brokers.
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Executive Insider Access Q&A Interviews

Get deep commercially relevant insights about the most important industry developments derived directly from corporate executive leadership operating from within a comprehensive amount of industries and markets. The list of industries into which we have insider exectuive level access is to such an extent, that the probability of your industry being in it is significant. Enabled by our in-house Data Portal, our high throughput surveys directly informs product developers, R&D professionals and investors about the most viable business decisions. best practices and course of actions to take, now and in the future, based on the following types of trends, threats and opportunities:

Financial Regulation

Technologies & Operations

Sales Strategies

Competitive Environment

Business Challenges

Commercial Trends

Human Resources

Global Trade Issues

Electronic Surveys & Questionnaires

Primary research surveys are one of the most effective research methods to obtain business information about behaviors and opinions on the current as well as future state of affairs of industries, technologies, and other forms of applications. The goal of surveys and questionnaires is to gather data about business information from the stakeholders, be it about their business or opinions. It represents a systematic technique using a set of questions to make inferences about your field of practice or to verify whether you are on the right track with achieving your goals.

Due to our nearly a decade of experience in designing research questionnaires and recruitment of respondents within the framework of our executive search recruitment practice, we have built up an exceptionally high-performance research infrastructure and reliable research partner network footprint. We are highly competent in the design, planning and distribution of large scale research projects that involve many industries and markets, which translates into a high response rate among respondents and into other key performance indicators. 
We complement our high operational efficiency with a strong data quality focus and ensure compliance wit data privacy laws. We ensure this by qualifying recruits through a pre-screening process as well as post-validation of collected data supported by our professional data analysis network and beyond.

Our Interview pre-screener survey form & Survey Tracker SAMPLES

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Commercial Data for B2B Sales, Procurement, and Investing

List building, repository generation and related commercial data collection is a trade that we have mastered a long time ago, when we were business developers ourselves. Corporate marketing and sales professionals but also start-up entrepreneurs and SMBs from emerging market countries increasingly have the need to enter foreign markets or form international strategic alliances to cope with often unfavorable domestic trade conditions. Our business intelligence allows our customers to expand their markets whether that is to acquire more customers or find new suppliers. But also start-up entrepreneurs rely on our extensive comnercial data for example for fund-raising purposes. Due to our differential pricing policies for SMBs and EMBs we offer our diverse business development infomation for disproprotionally lower rates to these main customer segments of ours. Would you like to find out more about our strategic business infomation or actionable commercial data offering?
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