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Pro-tips for established companies to start building services.

Paul-Mehdy M'Rabet
Wed, Nov, 2021
Digital & data disruption is on the verge of affecting many established industries like the Automotive one and by capillarity, their furnishers and partners. In […]

Major risks and dilemma's facing the employer-employee relationship, and effective HRM practices and strategies to manage them.

Erkan Ozsen
Mon, Nov, 2021
The critical role of Human Resources professionals in designing and upholding high standards in labour relationships, policies and practices is now more important than ever. […]

The Top 5 Laws of Systems Thinking for improved Strategic Management problem solving by decision-makers

Erkan Ozsen
Mon, Nov, 2021
Systems thinking as an overarching concept derived from the multidisciplinary Systems Theory, is an invaluable tool that allows professionals and practitioners to adopt a big […]

What is the place of competitive analysis within your market research and product development processes?

Erkan Ozsen
Sat, Nov, 2021
Product Managers generally associate market research directly with customer or consumer oriented analyses. However equally important for any dimensions of financial performance be it profitability, […]

The strong correlation between the 2017 US TCJA corporate tax rate cuts and the deteriorating trend in the US labor market & small businesses activity

Erkan Ozsen
Wed, Mar, 2020
US Corporate tax rate reduction (TCJA) impact on the US labor market According to our quantitative and qualitative research into the US labor market, the […]
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