What We Do

LÖGER Engineeronomics is a technical recruitment agency that
connects candidates with employers in engineering and scientific research

Whether you are an employer looking for candidates who fit your particular needs, or whether you are an organization seeking external input to develop recruitment tools, LÖGER Engineeronomics is the right address for your search & selection or consulting needs. LÖGER Engineeronomics uses qualitative and quantitative data to come to practical terms with complex varying sub-sectoral dynamics. We assess and advise you about the ways it impacts your ability to effectively make joint undertakings, exploit new technological opportunities, successfully enter new industries, or find employability. We mainly work with engineering intensive organizations within the (Aero)Space, Automotive, and Renewable Energy industries. The reach of our services span developed countries as well as emerging nations.

  • Recruitment Sourcing

    For employers we use traditional and innovative sourcing, screening and selection methods to connect them with candidates. Our search & selection practice specializes in- and focuses on the research science and engineering fields, recruiting highly competent people with mechanical, chemical, electrical and related background disciplines for various phases of product development, on a global scale. Increasingly we are enlarging our database with highly specialized research scientists and engineers in such multidisciplinary and highly specialized fields as bio(medical) engineering, nuclear engineering and mechatronics engineering. We have several years of experience in the sourcing and selection of talented engineers for the space and aerospace industries. Our recruitment sourcing methods include online marketing, data mining, and realtime industry intelligence tool.

  • Client Acquisition (beta)

    For small-sized providers like small sized companies as well as freelancers our client acquisition practice applies proven traditional and innovative client acquisition methods. Notable advantages of our client acquisition solutions include efficiency during the search trajectory and effectiveness during the collaboration tie-up phase. Our traditional client acquisition practices include market research, strategic assessment and advisory. Our innovative client acquisition service on the other hand relies on realtime industry intelligence tool, as we we are excellently positioned to offer small providers of engineering services access to exciting fortune 500 bidding projects across the globe. LÖGER Engineeronomics has several years of experience in client acquisition for Small and Medium Sized companies in the fields of the (aero) space industry.

  • External Sourcing (beta)

    For lead organizations that are seekers of external engineering capabilities we provide consulting services for the co-development of an external sourcing matching tool with those clients. On the basis of this tool we advice you about effective collaboration strategies with small sized companies or freelancers through conducting market analysis, and strategic assessments. This methodological approach and business advisory is based on knowledge about the regional specificities of engineering industries. As such we consider political economic, innovation management, and industrial organizational context underlying the cooperation between partners. Our external sourcing practice distinguishes itself by our ability to effectively integrate technology, organization and institutional environment. This enables us to offer sound advisory about prospective collaboration partners, in particular through our recommendation of particular industrial regions and industrial players which harbor a conducive environment for the development of joint projects with your organization.