Recruitment for Candidates

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  • Through our recruitment service we source, screen, select and connect outstanding candidate research scientists and engineers with our international network of employer clients. We have strong constructive relationships with various clients in intensive industries worldwide, because we add compelling value to employers. Our candidates typically have particular experience, skills-set or talent within the main engineering disciplines of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and related. Placement can occur for various phases of product delevelopment including fundamental research and product commercialization. We establish personal connections with you, and are in the process of creating a community of gifted candidates globally.

    LÖGER Engineeronomics connecting you is:

    • Result Oriented
    • Convenient
    • Knowledge based
    • Meets your unique requirements
  • We have over 2 years of recruitment sourcing experience with outstanding engineers and research scientists. Examples of the industries we source candidates for are the aerospace industry, and the biomedical industry. Projects can be within fields as diverse as sustainable energy, instrumentation, and mechatronics. Our main motivation at LÖGER Engineeronomics for doing this type of work is to match capable engineers to appropriate work to which they are entitled, based on their education or working history. You can also engage us if you would like to make the switch to becoming a freelancer. In that case we will provide the necessary specialized client acquisition support.

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