Recruitment Sourcing for Employers

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  • LÖGER Engineeronomics is a trusted recruitment sourcing partner for the sourcing, screening and selection needs of various organizations operating in engineering intensive environments. Clients engage us for permanent, contingent or contract sourcing of research scientists and engineers who have mechanical, chemical, electrical and related backgrounds. Our community of engineering candidates and our domain specific knowledge enable us to offer candidate sourcing strategies and wider talent acquisition solutions for various phases of product development, from fundamental research to manufacturing processes.

    The level of our base of research scientists and engineer candidates range from junior to mid-senior engineers. Our base of candidates is characterized by highly motivated and above all highly competent professionals who are looking for fresh, inspiring, professional and dynamic organizations to work for. We are working together with our candidates, our clients, and our partners to provide more comprehensive recruitment services that meet current market expectations. As such more attention will be paid to the sourcing of engineering design and entrepreneurial capabilities of our candidates as as well as the people analytics side of our services.

      LÖGER Engineeronomics talent acquisition offer

    • We have international reach & access to niche candidates
    • We adopt a strategic & visionary mindset
    • We apply a data-driven & methodological approach
    • We provide customized & cost-effective solutions
    • A cost-effective standard fixed placement fee + no cure no pay
    • A cost-effective placement fee of the candidate’s gross annual income + no cure no pay
    For your additional skills-needs LÖGER Engineeronomics is excellently positioned to get constructive access to a wide pool of candidates in advanced industrialized countries as well as emerging markets. Our highly effective recruitment methods include HR analytics, quick access to database selection, data mining, and proactive targeted online marketing. LÖGER Engineeronomics already has several years of experience in recruitment sourcing and extensive accumulated sectoral expertise, especially in the aerospace industry.

    If your organization offers a working environment where creativity is promoted, were human interaction is an important aspect, or where projects are being done with societal benefit, then LÖGER Engineeronomics is the right recruitment sourcing agency to engage. With our partners of specialists, among them law professionals, we devise agreements for permanent, contingent or contract placement. We support your internal human resource department with the best strategic sourcing solutions that is tailored to your specific needs. Feel free to contact us.
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