Our Partners

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    Realtime Insight Exchange is specialized in collecting and analyzing data on a continuous and real time basis. We believe that true insight is only gained by combining data from different sources. Through our platform data from different sources can be easily, automatically and continuously combined and analyzed. We assist LÖGER Engineeronomics through continuous and realtime analysis of the labor market.

    Online Market Survey | Invitation

    Our partner Realtime Insight Exchange has developed an electronic survey environment with which we have done market research for devising our business plan. The survey has focused on our market analysis as well as competitor analysis. Our business plan has been completed, but we will always be on the lookout for the perspectives of lead organizations on the client side, like multinationals in engineering intensive industries or scientific research organizations. We invite you to participate in our ongoing market research by clicking on the link below and filling in our electronic client side questionnaire. Please select the survey called “survey for seekers of engineering services”. Completing it takes around 10 minutes, participating anonymously is possible, and privacy of data is guaranteed by our privacy declaration. Thank you in advance.