Mission & Vision

  • LÖGER Engineeronomics mission
    Our mission is to contribute to diminishing the current mismatch in labour markets. The primary objective of our service is to help engineers and clients find each other in a meaningful ways enabling engineers to do the work that they are entitled to based on their past efforts and on their enormous problem solving capabilities towards modern day challenges. We gladly engage client organizations that feel the same way and who would like to offer interesting opportunities to engineers for jointly accomplishing those objectives.
    For achieving that purpose we aim to support client organizations in making their strategies more in alignment with:
    • Mass participation, mass collaboration, and mass customization
    • Sustainability and balance
    • Open + closed hybrid innovation
    • Micro-scale manufacturing, and distributed energy generation
    LÖGER Engineeronomics values

    • Reason & creativity

      We use our extensive domain specific knowledge and creativity to find workable solutions in a complex and global real time information base. We pursue a thorough analytical approach in our research, reason in our assessments and creativity in our selection, presentation, and advisory.

    • Multidisciplinarity & Interdisciplinarity

      It’s a cliché but it’s true, innovation happens at the fringes. Solutions to your products are now increasingly to be found in other branches, even in entirely other sectors and industries. The boundaries between business and technology are blurring. Non-profit organizations are increasingly acting as commercial entities and vice versa.

    • Glocalization

      It’s no secret. By 2030 half of global productivity will come from emerging and frontier markets. Luckily so, because LÖGER Engineeronomics consists of people with a diverse background for who it comes natural to look beyond national frontiers. Not only do we operate cross functional barriers, we also operate across geographical boundaries, while taking notice of regional differences.

    • Representativeness

      We had to make tough sacrifices to be involved in serious businesses. That enables us to come forward and effortlessly represent the people we work and stand for. We thrive on trust and take our responsibilities seriously. Therefore others find us strict, critical and thoughtful. We agree.

    • Integrity and Accountability

      We understand and realize that everything is somehow connected to something else, that every action has its price. We therefore pay close attention to rules of conduct and best practices. We also evaluate our actions through self-reflection and customer satisfaction, and adapt accordingly if necessary.

    • Self-actualization

      We believe that individuals were born to fulfill their potential in life, to fulfill their destiny. It is our privilege to contribute to this end in meaningful ways that truly makes a difference.

  • Bridge
    LÖGER Engineeronomics vision

    We intend to make candidates as well as engineering-intensive organizations more adept at embracing new engineering opportunities cross-sectoral and worldwide. We do this by making their job search, recruitment sourcing, and client acquisition practices better equipped and qualified to join new engineering organizations, venues, communities and networks. As engineering intensive industries are continuously witnessing profound shifts in talent acquisition through breakthroughs in fundamental technologies and the emergence of a new type of engineering, our approach can hardly be deemed to be a luxury.