External Sourcing for Lead Organizations (beta)

Lately lead organizations like 1st and 2nd tier suppliers, prime contractors and original equipment suppliers have been devising ways to deal better with the increased complexity and costs of technological development, the shortage of internal engineering capabilities, and the risen unpredictability of international market forces. LÖGER Engineeronomics provides traditional as well as innovative solutions to scientific research and engineering intensive clients that are seeking to externally source engineering or research science capabilities of small sized partners for strategic collaboration and co-innovation. Our external sourcing services provide various efficiency and productivity benefits to seekers of decentralized engineering capabilities, among them:
  • Overcoming shortage of internal capabilities;
  • Improved management of production costs;
  • Realizing quicker commercialization of co-developed products;
  • Improved adequacy to adapt to fluctuating market circumstances

Our analytical approach will not only contribute to improved efficiency during your search process, but will also contribute to productive synergy and the reduction of your organization’s rate of failures in forging successful collaborations. We harness multiple effective industry specific indicators to systematically assess and identify the particular types of technology, organizations or personnel that would offer a strategic fit and complementarity with your organization’s capabilities and goals. We excel in recognizing opportunities based on patterns across sectors and industries which at first sight won’t seem so obvious, and reconfigure a new solution. LÖGER Engineeronomics helps you to transform the unpredictability of networks into stabilized organizational structures which adapt according to the evolving basis of competition, technological requirements and institutional environment. This assists you in enhancing the overall effectiveness and quality of your operations, ensuring the durability and productivity of your collaboration.

Conventional external sourcing

So you are seeking to externally source engineering capabilities from freelancers or small sized enteprises. This is what our traditional external sourcing method can do for you:

  • We tap into our real time industry intelligence sources and into our network base to identify, assess and select suitable small partners for you. Examples of partners are consultants and component parts suppliers. Accuracy of the matching process is enabled by our thorough understanding of the socio-economic dynamics of the sector in which you and your prospective partner operates.
  • Market research, devising business and marketing plans, business advisory.
  • Once promising small sized partners are identified for commercialization we can help interweave your internal contributions with the external contributions of your partner.

Innovative external sourcing

So you are seeking to externally source engineering capabilities from freelancers or small sized enterprises. This is what our innovative external sourcing method can do for you:

Through our consulting services we co-develop an external sourcing matching tool with clients. This tool will lead to the identification and brokering of deals with exciting Small Sized companies and innovative communities like maker communities, do it yourself communities, new online platforms for innovation etc. In case your selection activities have resulted in a number of potential partners, our matching consultancy will be an ideal instrument for picking your final partner of choice.

Our consulting service is modeled around a triple framework. These are the industrial organizational-technological framework, the institutional-commercial framework, and the innovation-management framework. The triple framework harbors indicators of various engineering disciplines and characteristics of various industries and results of past projects. With that in hand we will - before you pick your collaboration partner or solution - fast track your selection process by applying our triple framework, and we will also advise you about the appropriate organizational structure of the ensuing collaboration partner and projects. Benefits of our approach are that it contributes to:

  • Enhancing the speed of your search trajectory.
  • Raising the overall efficiency of eventual partnerships due to the reduction of coordination costs.
  • Improvement of the quality of the matchmaking process.
  • Increasing the duration of your collaborations.