External Sourcing Matching Tool for Lead Organizations (beta)


Our know-how enables us to provide consulting services to seekers of engineering services that are seeking to effectively find and externally source engineering capabilities. By co-developing an external sourcing matching tool with clients, LÖGER Engineeronomics helps clients to transform the uncertainty surrounding the quest for and development of their possible partnership into a streamlined search trajectory and stable organizational arrangements.

The triple framework external sourcing tool that we co-develop with clients consists of 3 socio-economic frameworks with multiple ensuing indicators that are each applied for external sourcing during the search trajectory and after:


The industrial organizational-commercial framework enables us to identify the suitable collaboration partners or technologies for you to be selected on the basis of industry specific sub-sectoral indicators and competitive circumstances.


The regional-political economic framework gives us accurate clues about ideal collaboration partners by assessing the fit between the institutional settings and cultural circumstances of your country or region of origin and that of your potential partner.


The innovation management-strategic framework enables the assessment and identification of the accurate organizational structure for joint development or co-creation, based on the sub-sectoral setting.

Commercial ex-ante benefits of the utilization of our tool

  • Prevents applying for candidates, employers, or projects which have no chance of succeeding beforehand, thus saving time and energy
  • Improves the overall efficiency of the search trajectory
  • Increases the accuracy of the eventual employment or partnership

Commercial ex-post benefits of the utilization of our tool

  • The reduction of risks
  • Ensuring the durability of the employment or collaboration
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases the quality of the employment- or collaboration relationship benefiting your products or services
  • Reduction of transaction- and coordination costs of the employment- or collaboration relationship