• Case 1:
    Business Development

    Case: Business Development for an Austrian based engineering office seeking new clients or projects We have been involved in business development and marketing activities (SWOT Analysis, development of new Marketing&Sales material, acquisition etc) as an associate business development for the Austrian based SME engineering office Fluentum GmbH.

    Fluentum GmbH had until then provided breakthrough engineering services for such projects as the ESA Ariane 5 space launcher and the BMW Hydrogen 7, in partnership with MagnaSteyr Aerospace and Astrium/EADS for 15 years. During these and similar projects the engineering office succeeded in problem solving, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and in providing critical technology. Due to the ending of this collaboration, the office was seeking new partnerships.

    Their main know-how

    • Fluid Dynamics/Mechanics
    • Fatigue strength
    • Control Engineering
    • Aerodynamics &Aeroelasticity
    • Science & Mechanics of Materials
    • Cryogenics & Thermal insulation
    • Liquid Hydrogen storage systems
    • Machine Dynamics

    Their main capabilities

    • Quality Management Documentation, QA & Qualification Tests
    • Control Mathematics
    • Complete care of Cleanliness Concepts, Procedures &Test Equipments / Facilities
    • Organization & Construction of a variety of Equipments, Test Facilities & Laboratories
    • Custom-made Prototype Development
    • Team management & leadership
    • Cost effectiveness

    Their project experiences

    • Ariane 5 production of liquid hydrogen propulsion fuel feed lines
    • BMW 7 cleanliness concepts for the cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage tank (space technology)
    • BMW X3 Titanium Stiffness Quality Assurance of cabin doors and roof
    • Ariane 5 & BMW 7 cryogenic liquid hydrogen tank systems: Helium Flow Calibration for Isolation
    • Future Launcher Hydrogen Technology: Development of a Slush-container
  • The Outcome
    I conducted an extensive market research about the engineering office through multiple interviews and analysis of documentation. I followed through with a SWOT analysis and a business plan as part of our business development efforts. We conducted acquisition activities in the fields of (Aero)Space which led to client prospects and leads in such sectors as gas turbine and space sectors. The business development division was revamped and made future proof.

    Case 2:
    Recruitment Sourcing

    Case: An aerospace engineer seeking employment at an aerospace company We inquired with some aerospace companies within our network to learn about their internal vacancies and their current hiring needs. We then sourced several aerospace engineers through our own database, online recruitment marketing channels, and networking events. We conducted interviews with several candidates and collected information about their backgrounds and capabilities. One particular candidate had a degree in aerospace engineering and already had many years of experience within the gas turbine industry. He wanted to see whether he could land a role specifically within an aerospace manufacturing organization.

    The Outcome As a result of our successful search & selection activities we send the Curriculum Vitae of the particular candidate to several aircraft manufacturing companies upon which the candidate was invited for an interview at a leading aerospace company. Before the interview took place, we advised the candidate about the job role and the organization.